CR2032 210mAh Lithium Primary Coin Cell For Pet Control Devices

CR2032 210mAh Lithium Primary Coin Cell For Pet Control Devices

Product name: CR2032
Nominal voltage: 3V
Rated capacity: 210mAh
Application: toys, keyless entry remote, watches, pet control devices

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Product Details

Product description

CR2032 is one of most popular household coin cell batteries. It uses the lithium-manganese chemistry, hence non-rechargeable. 

Technical parameters





Diameter/Height (mm)


Nominal voltage (V)


Operating temperature (oC)

-20 to 60

Off-load voltage (V)3.2V

Cut-off voltage (V)



Blister or bulk

Shelf life5 years

Capacity assessment

For a fresh CR2032 (within 3 months), it can continuously discharge for 8 hours under a load of

15kΩ, at a temperature from 20℃ to 25℃ and a humidity of 65±20% until its voltage falls to 2.0V.

Cautions for use

  1. Install the CR2032 battery correctly.

  2. Ensure the contact points to be clean and conductive.

  3. Do not mix different types or different brands of batteries.

  4. Do not heat or recharge CR2032.

  5. Do not dispose of the battery in fire.

  6. Keep it away from children.

About WinPow

Established in 2007, WinPow is an ISO9001 and BSCI-certified battery manufacturer headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong. As one of the largest 23A/27A series battery suppliers in China, we are committed to expanding our markets abroad and providing a wider range of products for customers from around the world. To attain this goal, we built a new factory in Shaoyang city, Hunan province, which is dedicated for production of lithium coin cells.

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