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Precautions For Alkaline Batteries
- Jul 28, 2018 -

1. Leakage of electrolyte

An alkaline battery may tend to leak electrolyte after years of use. As a corrosive alkaline substance, the electrolyte, specifically potassium hydroxide, can irritate human eyes, the respiratory tract, and the skin. Besides, it also erodes metal and electronic parts, so the electrolyte leaking out of the battery would also destroy the product powered by the battery.

2. Not charging alkaline batteries

Charging the alkaline battery also causes electrolyte leakage or even damages the battery. Some chargers are claimed to be compatible with disposable alkaline batteries, but the charging efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

3. Using batteries of the same type

When more than one battery needs to be used together, the same type is recommended; otherwise, service life of the batteries will be reduced and electrolyte leakage is more likely to happen.

4. Storing the battery when not used

When a battery is not used, remove it from the battery compartment to avoid damage to the battery or the product using the battery.