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Why does a battery leak
- Sep 20, 2018 -

All batteries gradually self-discharge even not installed and depleted batteries will eventually leak. Under extremely high temperatures, batteries may also rupture and leak.

漏液图.jpgAlong with discharge (or self-discharge), chemistry of a battery changes slowly and hydrogen gas is generated. As the gas builds up, the insulating seal at one end of the battery or the outer metal casing will be ruptured finally under excessive pressure. 

In addition, as the battery ages, its outer can may gradually corrode or rust, contributing to electrolyte leakage. 

How to reduce the risk of leakage? 

There are some rules to follow:

  • Never recharge alkaline cells that are non-rechargeable.

  • Do not mix different types or brands of batteries in the same device.

  • Replace all batteries in a device at a time.

  • Store batteries in a dry place at normal temperatures.

  • Remove batteries when not used.