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Why are alkaline batteries more durable?
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Alkaline batteries are also called alkaline zinc-manganese dry batteries. Compared with traditional dry batteries (ie. carbon zinc batteries), they have the advantages of durability, high discharge current, long shelf life and good resistance to corrosion of the outer casing. 

The electrode structure of the alkaline battery is opposite to the ordinary battery, which helps increase the area for reaction between the positive and negative electrodes. Instead of the ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solution, alkaline batteries use a highly conductive potassium hydroxide solution. 

Unlike carbon zinc batteries, alkalines use power zinc and KOH and therefore the electrical properties are significantly improved. They carries 5 to 6 times the power of traditional zinc-manganese batteries but cost only 1.5 to 2 times more. In addition, no gas emits when the alkaline battery is discharging, helping maintain a stable voltage. 

Alkaline batteries are suitable for high-drain applications such as electric toys, cameras, flashlights, razors, high-power remote controls, etc.