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What are pros and cons of Ni-MH battery and Li-ion battery?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

At present, Li-ion seems a craze no matter in daily life or military use. Where should I use a Ni-Mh battery? Actually, Ni-MH was once pioneering the rechargeable battery world. Let's see why Ni-MH still takes a position in the market.

Pros of Ni-MH:

  1. Large discharge current;

  2. High energy density;

  3. Good consistency;

  4. High safety

  5. Impressive tolerance to complete discharge

Cons of Ni-MH:

  1. High self discharge rate;

  2. Low voltage output;

  3. Few resistance to extreme temperatures;

  4. Long charging time.

Pros of Li-ion:

  1. High specific energy;

  2. High voltage output;

  3. Low self-discharge rate;

  4. Variety of types available;

  5. More potentials to be explored.

Cons of Li-ion:

  1. Susceptibility to overcharge or over-discharge;

  2. High cost because of need for a protective circuitry;

  3. Immature technology;

  4. Transportation limits