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Use of various types of batteries
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Lithium thionyl chloride battery: energy type: smart water meter, gas meter, electricity meter, real time clock, backup memory power, various instruments, equipment.

Power type: civil field - smart water meter, gas meter, electricity meter, smoke alarm and intelligent instrument

Military field - different types of military electronic devices and communication equipment (portable radio, night vision, global positioning devices, data terminal equipment, range finder), underwater weapons, sonar buoys, mines, missiles, radar, etc.

High temperature type: physical detection and numerical control logging instrument, data acquisition instrument, communication command instrument, special communication network equipment, electronic detection equipment, aerospace instrument

Lead-acid batteries

• Portable CD player, video recorder, solar system, road and railway signal lights

• Medical equipment, portable measuring instruments, audio equipment

• Power tools (such as electric drills, rotary chisels, chainsaws, etc.), cordless phones, transceivers

• Testing, analytical instruments, electronic scales, electric model toys

• Lighting equipment, garden lights, portable calculators, money counters, printers, etc.

• Electric bicycles, motorcycles, lawn cars, scooters, golf carts

• Emergency lighting, fire alarm, column, warning sign, UPS uninterruptible power supply

• Telecom system, DC switchgear, air switch

• Power system, power station, diesel locomotive start, lighting

Various types of communication power equipment, microwave base stations, program-controlled switches, TV broadcast vehicles, UPS, and power transmission substation control systems