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In-process and final quality control for 23A battery
- Dec 07, 2018 -

1. In-process inspection

1.1 Inspection of accessory dimensions.


1.2 Parameter check during cell assembly


1.3 Inspection of appearance and dimensions



1.4  Full inspection after storage of more than 30 days


1.5  Full inspection during battery packing


2. Cell grading by sampling

2.1 Leakage resistance test of core cell at a high temperature and high humidity (57 ℃, RH=95%, for 10 consecutive days, 18 hours/day)



2.2  Electric performance inspection. (New electrical core performance test, storage 21 days  core cell performance test)


2.3  Through the above tests, we evaluate and grade every batch by quality. Only standard-compliant batches will be used for 23A/27A assembly.

3. Full inspection of 23A battery before shipping

After produced, batteries are checked by a computer-controlled testing machine in terms of open circuit voltage, short circuit current and on-load voltage.


4. Sampling inspection before shipment

4.1  After the battery is inspected and packaged, QA sampling is carried out before shipment.

4.2  Sampling is carried out in accordance with level II general inspection of MIL-STD-105E.

4.2.1 Appearance: no rust, no leakage, no electrolyte creepage, as per AQL 0.1.

4.2.2 Electrical performance: open circuit voltage, short circuit current, as per AQL 0.25.

4.2.3 Capacity test (discharge test).

4.2.4 Dimension check at level S-3.