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How to replace the computer motherboard battery
- Jan 09, 2019 -

The motherboard battery can be charged without power during the process we use. Because the batteries on the motherboard of our computer are all lithium batteries, they can be recharged when connected to the power supply. A motherboard lithium battery can be used for many years, if you encounter the motherboard BIOS often dropped, then we need to buy a new battery replacement. If you still lose power after changing a new battery, the reason is that the motherboard can not charge the battery. The specific steps to replace the motherboard battery are as follows:

1. First buy a new motherboard BIOS battery, pay attention to the same model as the battery on your computer. If your machine is a brand machine and under warranty, you can contact customer service to replace, please do not open the chassis by yourself, otherwise The warranty will be cancelled. If it is a compatible machine (assembly machine), it can be disassembled and operated.

2. Turn off the power to the computer. Open the cover of the case and you will see a round battery (that battery is very bright? Easy to find). The diameter is about 1.5-2.0CM, and the battery is taken out. The battery holder of each type of motherboard is different, so the battery is taken differently. Generally divided into: external button type, upper pressure type, top button type. Carefully remove the battery! Then press the clip on the battery slot and the battery pops up. Since the battery holders on each motherboard are different, there are many ways to remove the battery. There are three types that are more common? "External button type"? To remove the battery, simply press the button next to the battery holder and then push the battery out. The second type is the “upper-button” battery holder. The button of the battery holder is made on the top of the battery. To remove the battery, simply push the button outward and the battery will pop up automatically. The third type is the "upper pressure type" battery holder. It is also very simple to remove the battery, as long as the battery is pushed out to the outside.

3. At this time, take out the new battery and install it. Pay attention to the positive and negative directions of the mercury battery. Then replace the battery according to the reverse action of the battery just removed, and install it. Then cover the cover of the case. Then restart the CMOS settings.