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How to recharge a battery properly
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Connecting the phone to the charger before going asleep has been a routine for many phone users. By doing so, we seem to draw comfort from this.

Nearly all mobile phones come out with a lithium rechargeable battery, which may possibly be degraded or damaged by overcharge or over-discharge due to its chemical nature. Someone may argue why nothing happens when I charge my phone all night long. That's because most chargers are designed with a protective circuit to prevent over-charge/discharge. But what if the circuit does not work?

Below list the things that must be avoided during battery charging:

  • Use a nonstandard charger.

  • Not recharge until the battery is nearly out of power.

  • Recharge the battery even after it is full of power.

We recommend that a lithium rechargeable battery be maintained at a power level from 45% to 75% and recharge it whenever you want even for several minutes.

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