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Common button battery model
- Jan 02, 2019 -

Common button batteries have the following chemical compositions: carbon, alkaline, zinc-silver oxide, zinc-air, lithium-manganese dioxide, nickel-cadmium rechargeable button batteries, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable button batteries, and the like. If you follow the shape, there is a distinction between the monomer and the laminate. In detail, carbon button batteries are the most common and cheapest, and alkaline is more expensive, but the discharge effect is good. Both voltages are 1.5V, from alkaline AG1 to AG13, with nominal capacities ranging from 15mAh to 140mAh. Suitable for micro-ampere discharge requirements. Used in calculators, electronic toys, hearing aids, lighters, watches, etc.

The zinc-silver oxide button battery is the best among the button batteries. The voltage is 1.55V, the capacity is higher than carbon, the alkaline button battery, the high-order discharge curve is stable, about 90% of the part is always stable above 1.45V, the discharge curve is almost a straight line, then the power is quickly turned off, the voltage is vertical Go on. The main uses are: calculators, hearing aids, cameras, watches, etc. In particular, the battery's anti-leakage effect is particularly good, and the long-term use effect is also good. I once replaced the two domestic Dali AG13 batteries that are used in the SLR camera to supply power to the metering system. After more than 8 years, only new products were replaced, and there was no sign of leakage. It’s amazing!

In addition to being able to supply power from a single battery, the button battery has also developed a high-volt battery due to its small size - a multi-button battery is stacked, and typical typical models are:

6F22 (9V) 4F22 (6V), 15F20 (22.5V), 10A (9V), 11A (6V), 23A (12V), 25A (9V), 26A (6V), 27A (12), 476A (6V), 120H7D (8.4V), 2X625A (3V) and so on. Due to the use of the button battery, the combined battery pack is small, but the discharge intensity is not large, and it is often used in small motors, DC power sources for small radio transmission. It should be noted that since the high-volt laminated battery is mostly produced by ordinary carbon battery combination, it is generally not easy to store for a long time. At the time of purchase, attention should be paid to the production date, and the product produced within one year should be used as much as possible. Because the button battery is low in cost and usually contains harmful substances, it is quite harmful to the environment. This battery needs to be effectively recycled by everyone, and should not be discarded at will.