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Button battery knowledge
- Dec 28, 2018 -

Button batteries are those that are equal or larger in diameter and height. The current size range of alkaline button batteries is specified: diameter 4.8mm-11.4mm, height 10.5mm-5.4mm, the voltage depends on different electrochemical: 1.2V, 1.35V, 1.4V, 1.5V, 1.55V They are called button batteries because they look similar to buttons. In addition to the single-cell battery, the button battery has developed a high-volt battery due to its small size. It is about to stack multiple button batteries. Common typical models are: 6F22 (9V), 4F22 (6V), 15F20 (22.5V). , 10A (9V), 11A (6V), 23A (12V), 25A (9V), 26A (6V), 27A (12), 476A (6V), 120H7D (8.4V), 2X625A (3V) and the like. Due to the use of the button battery, the combined battery pack is small, but the discharge intensity is not large, and it is often used in small motors, DC power sources for small radio transmission.

It should be noted that since the high-volt laminated battery is mostly produced by ordinary carbon battery combination, it is generally not easy to store for a long time. At the time of purchase, attention should be paid to the production date, and the product produced within one year should be used as much as possible. Because the button battery is low in cost and usually contains harmful substances, it is quite harmful to the environment. This battery needs to be effectively recycled by everyone, and should not be discarded at will. Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel-hydrogen (Ni-MH) secondary-charge button batteries are usually combined into a battery pack, and the single-cell battery is used less frequently. From the appearance of the battery to the points, the corresponding battery classification is columnar battery, square battery, shaped battery; button battery is generally common with charging and non-charging two, charging includes 3.6V rechargeable lithium ion button Battery (LIR series), 3V rechargeable lithium ion button battery (ML or VL series); 3V lithium manganese button battery (CR series) and 1.5V alkaline zinc manganese button battery (LR and SR) Series); The more common button battery is CMOS battery for computer motherboard, CR2032 is used for CR2025 in electronic dictionary, CR2016 or SR44, SR626 for electronic watch, etc.; The English letters indicate the type of battery, the number indicates the size, the first two digits indicate the diameter, and the last two digits indicate the thickness; the button battery has a small body size ranging from 4.8mm to 30mm and thickness ranging from 1.0mm to 7.7mm; Backup power supply for various electronic products, such as computer motherboards, electronic watches, electronic dictionaries, electronic scales, memory cards, remote controls, electric toys, etc.; from the back of the battery, you can see the corresponding button button battery LR---mercury --1.5V SR---mercury--1.55 V CR---Lithium--3V ZA---Zinc Air--1.4V